Wanna be the last one to know XOX Sound Card?Release Date:2015-09-14 14:15:54

Wanna be the last one to know XOX Sound Card?

 Hi! Dear all, Im Rose from XOX China.

Are you confused when you first hear XOX Sound Card like I do?  What is USB sound card? How does it work? Why I have to use it?

Those questions take me hours to figure out, now Id like to save you some time.



1. Sound Card ?

Wikipedia told us

Sound card (or called audio card, audio interface), is an internal (or external actually) computer expansion card that facilitates economical input and output of audio signals to and from a computer under control of computer programs. Typical uses include providing the audio component for multimedia applications such as music composition, editing video or audio, presentation, education and entertainment and video projection.

 *For me

Sound card is a device that improves sound quality of my computer, including any sound output or even input the computer.




2. USB Sound Card?

Wikipedia told us

USB sound cards, sometimes called "audio interfaces", are usually external boxes that plug into the computer via USB. A USB audio interface may describe a device allowing a computer which has a sound-card, yet lacks a standard audio socket, to be connected to an external device which requires such a socket, via its USB socket.

The main function of a sound card is to play audio, usually music, with varying formats. Audio may be recorded.

For me

USB Sound card is a singing device that connects to computer by a USB wire, with more functions than the internal one, and easily to control.

With this powerful device, I can use it to enhance and customize your music, singing, recording, movies and gaming experience.





3. XOX USB Sound Card?

The official told us

1. Built-in DSP mixer & 16 types of real time hardware reverb FXs

2. Phone/tablet on-line karaoke function;

3. Plug and play or standalone operation mode;

4. Low distortion professional preamp circuit;

5. Zero-latency audio monitoring;

6. Hardware Original Off function;

7. Flexible audio jack connects your instruments to your PC;

For me

Im a Karaoke lover, it helps me mix my voice with music, improves the sound quality. Whats more, instead of ceaselessly searching for the accompaniment, only one-click on the original-off button, it will instantly give me the music without the original singers voice.

Im a VJ or DJ, it offers the dodge function for me to interact with audience, which means when I speaking, the music will be automatically turned down. And the karaoke sound card adds numerous delights to my show with its numbers of FXs of choice.


Anyway, I’m not a professional audio maker, the XOX USB sound

cards perfectly meet all my needs about audio.

Stop staring at the screen! Come and try it yourself!