Updated Videos for Microphone StandsRelease Date:2015-09-21 11:29:22

Updated Videos for Microphone Stands

(Shenzhen, China) - We updated product videos again for the Universal Cantilever Microphone Stand S35 and S39 on our official websitewww.xoxchina.com.


S35 - The Desktop cantilever microphone stand is suitable for condenser microphones and dynamic microphones. This perfect microhphone stand owns the following fantastic features: streamlined and exquisite appearance, flexible installation steps, wide range of movement, precise positioning, strong bearing capacity, foldable and portable advantages, etc.


S39 - The Universal cantilever recording microphone stand is designed for personal recording studio specialists, allows for 360-degree pan movement and 180-degree tilt. Durable and solid metal material on the housing, two-section cantilever guarantees stable construction which can be extended to 100 cm. The microphone can be horizontally or vertically placed on the stand. Powerful clips enable the stand firmly fixed on the desktop.


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