When Feel Llike Creating Your Own Song锛Release Date:2015-09-21 16:17:28

When Feel Like Creating Your Own Song锛


Hi, I am Denny. Not sure as karaoke lovers will you get the same feelings as me---wake up in one sunny day, and, suddenly, a strong feeling came, that is... want to creat my, own, content!


That is my experience before.

One morning, I woke up and want to sing Fly Me To The Moon of my favorite singer, Lisa Ono. I open my Karaoke APP, and search its accompaniment, but I CAN'T FIND the version I need!



So I turn to Baidu, though there are thousands of results, none of them are the version I want...So sad...T T

And let's think, if I cannot get my song karaoke APP next time, that means I need to find accompaniment in this way all the time? To click every result Baidu/Google show me? OMG! Troublesome!



But, until I meet this little cutie...XOX KS100, the special Sound card for recording! All situations are different now!


Use one USB cable to connect it to my laptop to power it up, connect microphone, earphone. Then, open music player, find my favorite song---Fly Me To The Moon.

open KS100 cotntrol panel, click Original Off, then choose Original Off Gr..(I love grade 9, to remove all the vocal voice of original singer.)



Now play my song and click record to create my own content~Oh~ What a nice day!



Now please enjoy Fly Me To The Moon. (cover by Denny)


No more troublesome in finding accompaniment. create your own content and share to your community now~