What You Need for Online Karaoke?Release Date:2015-10-23 11:35:58


Hey buddy! I guess you may think the same like me at first. If you want to do online karaoke, a good microphone can solve all problems and perform perfectly. But actually it can’t. Microphone only matters the sound quality. External sound card does make a lot of sense instead of a microphone when speaking of the performance of online karaoke. Let’s check out the special functions of our XOX multifunctional USB sound cards.



1. Monitoring: when I do online karaoke, I prefer hearing the original at the same time so that I can be lead and perform well. And this function, real-time monitoring, only can be achieved by External USB sound card.

2. Stereo Mix: It means adding the accompaniment while singing. When you record a song, the background music from computers or mobile devices and any sound received by microphone will be recorded together. What’s more, when you chat with your friends (in the chatting mode of our sound card), your friends can also hear your background music. It’s a good way to share music, don’t you think so?

3. Reverberation: I have to say this is a fantastic effect which can optimize your singing performance. Normally our voice seems to be abrupt and dull, can’t combine with the background music commendably. That is because there is no echoes. If you want to enjoy a better singing performance like in KTV, you absolutely need this function!

4. Dodge: If you always go to pub, you are sure to notice that the background music volume turned down when DJ speaking and be back when DJ finish speaking. With dodge, you can also be your home DJ.

5. FX Effects: As you can see in the Sound blaster for recording KS100 control panel :there are different modes like hall, KTV, concert. FX effects make your voice come out multifold by processing, like space around, sound field widen.

You perhaps never heard of the above professional words, but when you try these functions, I am sure you will be excited about how cool they are and enjoy it. Of course, our XOX sound card not only can provide above functions I mentioned. If you wanna know more about it, discover it.