Multifunctional KS108, Awesome User ExperienceRelease Date:2015-10-30 13:10:35

Multifunctional KS108, Awesome User Experience

We may only know that the USB external sound card is an essential tool for online singing, but neglect its other powerful functions. In the spirit of “your needs, our innovation”, XOX focus on developing hardware & software applications that revolutionize how people sing, chat and communicate on online social communities nowadays, meanwhile providing customers the best and convenient solutions.




KS108 is the basic USB sound card which can meet all requirements.

At the first glance of this Karaoke USB sound card KS108, you will be certainly surprised by its various colors and unique enclosure. If you have the experience of singing in the KTV or recording at home, you definitely have been through this---voice cracking at high volume. However, you cannot easily avoid this awkward situation even if singing with the high standard microphone. KS108 can perfectly solve this with the custom-designed voltage limiting technology. If you want to sing freely online anytime and anywhere, try this awesome USB sound card.


KS108 Control Panel


As there is no fixed value, final adjustments should depend on the actual situation.

Or maybe you can understand it on this way: the initial sound resource is the singer’s vocal. Even if there is voltage limiting technology, one more vital factor which can greatly affect the level signal either is the distance between singer’s mouth and microphone. The closer the distance, the stronger the signal will be. That is to say, the higher the voltage limit grade is, the stronger the signal receiving capacity will be. Thus no more worry about voice crack.

Own this KS108 USB sound card, no more voice cracking problems, no more unnecessary embarrassment. I was afraid of singing in front of people before I knew this magic sound card. Nowadays, I’m pretty enjoying online singing, chatting, that is how technology affects us!



                                                                                                                             Writer: Amy

                                                                                                                                           Translated by: Coco