How to Find a Desirable Microphone?Release Date:2015-11-09 09:08:03

 How to Find a Desirable Microphone?

Before choose a desirable microphone, three conditions need to be considered.

What kind of sound I want to capture?

The environment that I live.

What kind of sound reproduction I expect for?


Normally, there are two basic microphone types---condenser microphone and dynamic microphone. But what kind of you should choose is up to the environment. You’d better use hand-held dynamic microphone in a conference or KTV. Dynamic microphones utilize a robust design which uses a thin diaphragm attached to a coil of wire arranged about a permanent magnet. Any variation in air pressure on the diaphragm will cause the coil to generate a minute electric current which then requires amplification.Dynamic mics are relatively inexpensive, rugged and require no electrical power to operate. They are ideal for all-round high sound pressure levels (SPL) and tend to be used for live applications. However, they are not as sensitive to high frequencies as condenser types.



Preferring to the condenser microphone, with the help of condenser microphone professional studio recording effect can be realized .Condenser Microphones pick up sound via a thin, flexible diaphragm placed in proximity to a metal plate – as opposed to the rigid diaphragm-and-coil system used by dynamic microphones. They need power to operate – the most common source being +48v DC PHANTOM POWER.Condenser mics are very sensitive to distant sounds and high frequencies. Because of this sensitivity they are often used in studio recording situations.



Hope this little article may help you find your desirable microphones.



                                                                                                                             Writer: Amy

                                                                                                                                           Translated by: Coco