XOX China Unveils the Latest Instrument USB Sound Release Date:2016-01-04 15:00:11

XOX China Unveils the Latest Instrument

USB Sound Card---G1

(Shenzhen, China, January 4, 2016) XOX China today unveiled G1 instrument USB sound card---its most custom designed device for musical instrument enthusiasts ever---featuring native ASIO, numerous cloud audio effects are available for you to choose. G1 introduces a user friendly jack for headset that provides a convenient way to record, sing while playing various instruments. G1 enable dynamic and condenser microphone input, support all kinds of instruments, especially guitar (you can find FXs especially designed for guitar on our control panel). G1 also introduces separate volume control for instrument and microphone, which can greatly benefit you to adjust relative settings while recording alone at home. With G1 instrument USB sound card from XOX China, seating at your bedroom and playing your favorite instrument, a professional small studio can be easily set up.

With VST (Virtual Studio Technology), G1 can be applied to process instrument and microphone audio input separately. With built-in DSP, you can freely switch between specially designed instrument reverb FXs (audio effects), meanwhile numerous cloud vocal FXs can be downloaded via the native ASIO driver. G1 instrument USB sound card features portable design and rugged and durable all mental enclosure which are crafted from custom 18-karat yellow gold.

Equipped with a PnP jack, G1 can be connected to iOS/Android operating system of smart phone and tablet. Meanwhile, it can be run on many popular operating systems such as Windows, Linux. Accompanying control panel, all functions can be realized through the one-click control panel which gives you an upgraded user experience. Take “Original Off” as example, just with one simple click on the control panel, vocals can be removed while the original accompaniment will be left, then you can record your favorite cover songs.



Channel: 2 in/2 out
Playback: 16 bit/48 kHz, 103 dB SNR (Maximum)
Record: 16 bit/48 kHz, 95 dB SNR (Maximum)
Power Output: 600mW (Max, Headphone), 300mW (Max, Earphone)
Power Consumption: ≤2 W
Distortion: ≤0.005% (Music), ≤0.1% (Record)
Dimension: 94mm*79mm*25mm

Order placed will start on 1st January. More details about G1 or any questions and inquires, directly email sale@xoxchina.com for more!