Something You Should Know about ReverbRelease Date:2016-01-18 14:02:14

Something You Should Know about Reverb


When I do Karaoke, I’m keen on Reverb (the abbreviation of reverberation). You may not familiar with this word, there is another word has similar meaning with reverb that is echo. While these two words actually created by totally different causes. I would rather to say reverb is a natural phenomenon not a man-made one. Such as, you can hear different grade of reverb when you are in the bathroom, in the concert hall and in the valley. However, they are completely different.

Reverb is the reflection of sound waves bouncing off surfaces and all those reflections coming together to make a dense overall sound, comparing to the effect of reverb, echo is reflecting of the whole waves.

With digital technology now allowing different types of real space to be simulated, digital reverb pedals are today's norm... although just about all of them offer simulation of the still-popular spring reverb sound.

Besides “echo” there is “delay” meaning approximately the same with reverb. Let me tell you the differences between reverb and delay. Although similar effect can be achieved after some efforts, the difference is that you can hear obvious repeats and able to individually control and set the time between each beats. If under the condition of short delay you may unable to easily notice the individual repeats and there will be so called bathtub reverb.



While using USB sound card from XOX China, there are various custom-designed level of reverb according to different size of space: KTV, hall, or concert. Among the three effects, the degree of reverberation is different. With this, you can freely achieve desirable reverb according to different situations. A mini and professional studio can be easily set up with a set of XOX China online karaoke equipments. Products from XOX China are the first choice for you if you are a podcast or fascinated about recording.